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Associated companies - do they still exist?

1 April 2015 ushered in a new tax era for companies. For the first time in decades there’s a single corporation tax (CT) rate. So what’s happened to HMRC’s associated company rules and do they matter anymore? More...


A new company start-up incentive

Entrepreneurs can now get their hands on the Taxman’s generous new company start-up relief. But creating a new company can increase the tax bill for others associated with it. So is it worth the effort? More...


Small profit rate tax trap

The Corporation Tax rate leaps from 20% to 27.5% where company profits exceed £300,000. But the higher tax rate can kick in on lower profits if you own shares in more than one company. What is this trap and how can you avoid it? More...


An alternative to associated companies

There might be good commercial reasons for running different parts of your business through separate companies, but this can lead to higher tax bills. Why is this, and what steps can you take to reduce them? More...


Husbands and wives not associated (for tax)

Following announcements in its Emergency Budget the government has now revealed the new rules it intends to introduce. These include a proposal that can slice a large chunk off a family company’s tax bill. What’s the full story? More...


Can group companies reduce their tax bill?

You’re a shareholder of a company that owns a profitable subsidiary. It shifts its profit to the parent company by paying dividends. But this can result in a higher overall Corporation Tax (CT) bill. Is there a more tax-efficient alternative? More...


Director made personally liable for CT

In a recent case a company had underpaid its Corporation Tax (CT) bill and then several years down the line the Taxman sought to collect that tax from the company’s director personally. How can you protect yourself from this? More...


Loan to an associated company

There can be good commercial or management reasons for having separate companies. How can you switch profit from one to the other in order to save some Corporation Tax? More...


Absolute assurances - associated companies


Ignoring associated companies

The Taxman can refuse your company the benefit of the small companies rate of Corporation Tax if you have any associated companies. However, a recent case will help you argue that the other company can be ignored. Read on. More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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