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Small profit rate tax trap

The Corporation Tax rate leaps from 20% to 27.5% where company profits exceed £300,000. But the higher tax rate can kick in on lower profits if you own shares in more than one company. What is this trap and how can you avoid it? More...


When is a company “associated”?

The Taxman has introduced new rules regarding “associated companies”. How will these changes reduce your company’s tax bill? More...


Making the most of a holding company

There are circumstances in which moving profits from one company to another using service charges can be tax efficient. The only drawback is the likely challenge from the Taxman. But he can be beaten. How? More...


Ignoring associated companies

The Taxman can refuse your company the benefit of the small companies rate of Corporation Tax if you have any associated companies. However, a recent case will help you argue that the other company can be ignored. Read on. More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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