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Time to join the Tax-Free Childcare club?

Problems with HMRC’s new Tax-Free Childcare continue to crop up. You’re thinking of using the scheme, but you’re not sure whether it will leave you better off. How should you decide? More...


Employer scheme deadline delayed

Out of the blue HMRC has announced a temporary reprieve for employers and their staff who want to take advantage of childcare voucher and similar schemes. What’s the full story? More...


Last call for employer childcare schemes


Launch date for Tax-Free Childcare


Tax free and subsidised childcare - what’s the latest?

Tax free childcare has been delayed by court action and amended in the Autumn Statement. It’s now scheduled to be introduced in 2017. When it arrives how and when will it affect employer childcare schemes? More...


The new tax-free childcare deal

Last year a new tax-free allowance for childcare costs was announced. Following consultation it’s now been made more generous. In view of this should you be scrapping your company’s childcare voucher scheme sooner rather than later? More...


The future of tax-free childcare

In this year’s Budget tax-free childcare was announced as the successor to employer-supported childcare. It sounded like a good deal, but employers and some employees might do well to stick to the current scheme, why? More...


An end to tax-free employer childcare vouchers

The tax break for employer-provided childcare vouchers is to be scrapped. The good news for parents is that they will be replaced by a more generous version direct from the government. But what effect will this have for employers? More...


Trouble with childcare vouchers

The 2011/12 P11D indicates you should decare any taxable childcare vouchers provided to your employees. However, these are usually taxed through the PAYE system. So what’s the Taxman really after? More...


Higher rate tax relief for childcare costs

From April this year, the amount of tax-free childcare that higher rate taxpayers can receive was cut by up to half. But a loophole in the rules might allow you to claim the full amount. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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