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New scale charges for VAT on fuel


Motor expenses - an unexpected VAT bonus

VAT rules for cars used in your business are notoriously strict. However, for some types of car-related expenditure they are surprisingly generous. What are they and how can you take maximum advantage of them? More...


New flat rate car fuel charges


New VAT flat rate fuel charges


VAT on road fuel - the new flat rate option

We recently told you about changes to the VAT fuel scale charge for non-business journeys which take effect next month. There have now been further developments. What are they and how will they apply? More...


What should you do with an ageing company car

Company cars are taxed according to their original list price and CO2 emissions. This means if yours is getting a bit long in the tooth it might not be tax efficient. Can transferring ownership from the company to you solve this? More...


Company car tax-saving arrangement quashed

If you provide cars for directors, they’ll usually be caught for tax under the benefit-in-kind (BiK) rules. But one business came up with a special scheme to get around these by using a partnership. What’s the tribunal’s current view on this? More...


Company cars - which contribution method saves most?

You can reduce the tax payable on company cars by contributing to either the cost of the vehicle or the running expenses. But which of these methods will save you the most in tax and NI? More...


Are you paying too much VAT on fuel?

The Taxman has incorrectly applied the law which says how much VAT is payable where businesses pay for fuel used for private mileage. What’s the full story? More...


Avoiding a fuel scale charge

Recently, the tribunal considered whether a director owed tax on fuel paid for by his company. Given the facts, it seemed inevitable the case would go the Taxman’s way. What went wrong for the director and how can you avoid the same mistakes? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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