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The tax cost of higher mileage allowances

A few of your employees are complaining that the amount you pay for business journeys made in their personally owned cars hasn’t increased for a long time. If you pay them more than HMRC’s approved rates, what’s the tax and NI position? More...


How to make company car purchases cost effective

Tax and NI charges can make company cars expensive. However, if you use your business to run a car for a family member, say a son or daughter, there are steps you can take to make it cheaper than personal ownership. What are they? More...


Motor expenses - an unexpected VAT bonus

VAT rules for cars used in your business are notoriously strict. However, for some types of car-related expenditure they are surprisingly generous. What are they and how can you take maximum advantage of them? More...


Cars, loans and capital contributions - a tax-efficient mix

The tax and NI payable on company cars is already high and is set to increase for each of the next few years and probably longer. How can you use a simple arrangement to make a company car more tax efficient? More...


Avoiding car fuel benefit the easy way

For most people with company cars it’s not tax efficient for the business to pay for private fuel as it results in a fixed and hefty tax bill. However, avoiding the tax charge can be more tricky than you might think. What are your options? More...


VAT on fuel - all change for 2014

The VAT rules that apply where your business pays for fuel used for business and personal journeys are changing soon. Most businesses will need to revise their procedures; what will this involve? More...


Don’t overpay tax on your company car

It will soon be time to complete those pesky Forms P11D for 2012/13. But as your company car was off the road for a spell, should you be reducing the amount of benefit in kind you declare? More...


The Taxman’s more relaxed approach to vans

One of our subscribers is looking to change his company car. He mainly uses it for carrying equipment for his job so he’s considering a van instead. He’s heard that this will save tax and NI, but how much? More...


Limited liability, limited choices

You’re starting a new business with a colleague and you’ve asked an accountant whether it will save you tax to run it as a limited company. He’s based his sums on various profit projections, but do these overlook something important? More...


Only at the weekend

If you’ve made a company car available to an employee at “weekends only”, would this significantly reduce the taxable benefit-in-kind on that car? And would it help if the employee made a contribution to the cost of the car too? More...
Last updated: 20.05.2019

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