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Is more than one company car tax efficient?

You want to help your daughter buy her first car. Your options are buy it yourself or get your company to pay. The trouble is that the latter option comes with extra tax and NI charges. But is it possible to eliminate these? More...


Two directors, one car, who pays the tax?

The business you and your wife set up a few years ago provides a company car. But now you have children your spouse receives less income and so pays tax at a lower rate. Can you simply put the car in her name to save tax? More...


Chill out Dad

Your son/daughter is coming home from University for the Christmas break. Already they’re insisting that they simply must have a car to use when they go back. OK, but couldn’t you run it as a company car? More...


Cars for the family

One of your dependents needs a car. They don’t work for your company and so wouldn’t be entitled to a company car in their own right. However, would it be tax effective for you have two company cars but let them use one? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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