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New tax regime for company cars?

To start the new year the government has launched a review of vehicle taxes linked to CO2 emissions. Rumours are that official emissions levels will rise. How might this affect your choice of company car? More...


Salary sacrifice tax to rise for some company cars

HMRC recently announced that it had spotted two mistakes in the relatively new rules for salary sacrifice arrangements involving cars and vans. It’s published draft legislation to correct the errors. How and when will they take effect? More...


How to make company car purchases cost effective

Tax and NI charges can make company cars expensive. However, if you use your business to run a car for a family member, say a son or daughter, there are steps you can take to make it cheaper than personal ownership. What are they? More...


Was it really a low-key Budget?

The pre-Budget rumours didn’t come to much in the end; however, the Chancellor announced a few interesting changes. How might they affect you or your business? More...


Less tax on optional car benefit

HMRC has changed its view on how you work out the taxable amount where an employee sacrifices pay for a company car. As an employer what do you need to know? More...


Changes to benefits reporting

HMRC is making changes to two key forms used for reporting benefits in kind. What’s the reason for this and how might it affect you as an employer? More...


When does a van become a car?

In September 2017 the First-tier Tribunal ruled on whether modifications made to three vans, which were available to employees for private use, resulted in them becoming cars for tax purposes. What was the outcome? More...


Cars, loans and capital contributions - a tax-efficient mix

The tax and NI payable on company cars is already high and is set to increase for each of the next few years and probably longer. How can you use a simple arrangement to make a company car more tax efficient? More...


When does a company car stop being a perk?

The tax bill for gas-guzzling company cars has remained flat but that for mid-range cars continues to rise. This can be especially harsh for director shareholders with older cars. What steps can you take to improve tax efficiency? More...
Last updated: 16.08.2019

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