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Are employers paying the wrong mileage allowance?

During a PAYE compliance check an HMRC officer claimed that you were paying the wrong rate of car mileage allowance to your employees at the start of each tax year and this was a common problem. What was he referring to? More...


Is a tax-free mileage allowance of 60p possible?

HMRC’s approved mileage allowance payments mean that you can pay directors and employees a maximum of 45p per mile for using their own vehicles for business journeys. But there is a way to pay more. What’s involved? More...


Mileage allowances must be reported


HMRC still sitting on NI refunds for car allowances

Two years ago the Court of Appeal ruled that NI wasn’t payable on fixed sums paid to workers for using their cars for business. Despite this, employers are still waiting for refunds from HMRC. How can you avoid similar trouble? More...


Are simplified motor expenses the best way to go?

The option to claim tax deductions for vehicle expenses based on business mileage became law in July and can be used for 2013/14 onwards. However, not all businesses can use it and, even if yours can, will it save or cost you tax? More...


Taxman’s advice on car fuel is wrong


Miles of smiles

A colleague has told you that his accountant has recently added £4,000 tax-free to his director’s loan account for the use of his car by the company. Is this something you should be considering? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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