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Selling your home - two calculation traps

If you’ve used part of your home for business you might have to pay capital gains tax when you sell it. Calculating this isn’t as simple as it sounds and costly mistakes are often made. How can you avoid these? More...


A new tax-efficient way to sell your company

Planning an exit strategy from your company isn’t simple. The traditional options each have pros and cons. Might a relative newcomer offer a better way out and allow you to bag a new capital gains tax break as part of the deal? More...


CGT break on goodwill scrapped - is it all bad news?

The Autumn Statement slammed the door on a long-standing tax break for business owners who transfer their trade to a company. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens. Is there still a chance of tax relief? More...


Autumn Statement’s big changes

There were surprises in this year’s Autumn Statement for property buyers and businesses considering incorporation. What’s the full story? More...


CGT-free property transfers

The Upper Tribunal has chipped into the argument on whether property rental counts as a business or an investment. Why might its decision be an important one for landlords looking to reduce their tax bills? More...


Entrepreneurs’ relief for the family business

The increase in the rate of Capital Gains Tax in June wasn’t welcome news if you were planning to sell your company. But entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) also received a boost. As a shareholder in a family company how can you take advantage this? More...


Holiday home regime not quite dead

April 5 2010 was the end of the road for the preferential tax status of property rented out as a holiday home. But there’s still a chance to virtually cut your Capital Gains Tax bill in half using the old rules; what is it? More...


Take a holiday from CGT before April 6 2010

From April 6 2010 you might have to pay more tax at 18% when you sell your holiday letting property. But if you act now you can reduce this to 10% by using entrepreneurs’ relief (ER). How can you take advantage of this? More...


Gift of a holiday home

You want to pass on your second home to your children as part of an Inheritance Tax planning exercise, but there is likely to be a large Capital Gains Tax bill to pay. Is there any way to avoid this tax charge? More...


Tax reduction

Whatever tinkering the Chancellor feels compelled to make to his Capital Gains Tax plans, a flat tax rate of 18% looks set to come in next year. How can you use current and future rules to your advantage? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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