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Change at last to tax on private use of company assets

The government has drafted new legislation to put a stop to directors and employees potentially being hit by disproportionate tax charges for using a company-owned asset. What’s the full story? More...


Are you overpaying tax for the use of a company asset?

Your company has bought a boat for you and your fellow directors to sail on the nearby reservoir. There’ll be a tax charge of course, but how much will it be and is there a way to reduce it? More...


Cost-efficient ways to provide a mobile

As an optional benefit, you intend to offer mobile phones to your staff as part of their salary package as you’ve heard that it’s tax efficient. However, what’s the best way to ensure that the costs to you are limited? More...


Tax troubles for homeworkers and their employers

You’ve introduced homeworking for your staff. They’ll need PCs which you’re happy to provide, subject to them making a contribution for personal use. But would it be more tax efficient for employees to buy the equipment and you reimburse them? More...


Tax-efficient property improvements

Where your company pays for improvements to property which you own, this counts as a taxable benefit for you even if the business occupies and uses the building. How can you defer and possibly reduce the tax bill? More...


Which should you take - cash or a car?

The tax and NI you pay on your luxury company car has gone through the roof over the last few years. You’ve decided to transfer the car into your personal name to avoid this. What’s the most tax-efficient way to do this? More...


Tax-efficient house purchase

If your business is relocating to a more expensive area, or you’ve got your eye on a property that’s just out of your price range, is there any way in which your company can help with the finances without triggering a huge tax bill? More...


Company helicopter

The company is considering purchasing a helicopter to fly the directors to business meetings. But what if it’s also used privately? Will there be any tax to pay, even if only one of the directors is a licensed pilot? More...


Holiday home in new Europe

If you’re on top of your tax deadlines why not put your feet up and take a minute or two to update yourself on a favourite summertime topic; owning a property abroad. But who should buy - you or the company? More...


Out in all weathers

You’re going to represent the company at a golf day run by one of its key customers. This calls for you to buy all-weather kit for the occasion. The best never comes cheap, so is there a way the company could foot the bill? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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