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Now’s the time to turn back the clock on taxable perks

In 2018/19 your company provided you with benefits in kind. As it stands you’ll be taxed on them and your company will have to pay Class 1A NI. There’s still time to prevent these charges. How’s it done and is it worth it? More...


Tax and the cost of medical treatment

One of our subscribers needs a back operation. He can get it done privately in a matter of weeks but it’s expensive. As he needs treatment to do his job he asked HMRC if he could claim a tax deduction. It said no, but is this right? More...


Pay a dividend now to defer and reduce last year’s tax

Your accountant is finishing work on your company’s accounts. He suggests paying a dividend to cover payments your company made last tax year which will otherwise be taxed as benefits in kind. Will this cause trouble with HMRC? More...


Business seminars - are they always tax deductible?

You’re considering attending a weekend seminar for work. Because it includes accommodation and meals it’s pricey. If you can get tax relief for it you’ll go, so can a tax deduction be claimed or not? More...


Cycle to work - is there a price cap?

Better weather is finally here and you’re considering a cycle-to-work scheme. The trouble is the companies marketing them set a price cap of £1,000 and you have your eye on a bike worth more. Is there a way to get what you want? More...


Grab some extra tax-free perks while there’s still time

The 2017/18 tax year ends on 5 April. If you want to take advantage of the trivial benefits exemption for this year, you need to do it by then. What can you spend your company’s money on tax and NI free? More...


Training costs - tax relief, yes or no?

As a self-employed trader the cost of keeping up to date in your chosen field is tax deductible, but not the cost of learning new skills. The latter can be very expensive, so are there any steps you can take to qualify it for tax relief? More...


How many mobile phones are tax free?

Your company provides you with two mobile phones. Only one can be covered by the special tax exemption. As the bills vary for each phone you want to shift the exemption between phones from month to month. Is this allowed? More...


Tax and workplace injury or illness

One of your employees has injured themselves at work. There’s no question of liability for your firm, but as a goodwill gesture you want to pay for physiotherapy to aid their recovery. Will it count as a taxable benefit? More...


Work lotto tickets are taxable - truth or myth?

As a bit of fun and as a goodwill gesture you buy lottery tickets each week for your staff. One of your workers is telling the others that not only is this a taxable perk, but if they win the money they receive will be taxed. Is she right? More...
Last updated: 18.04.2019

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