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Can you delay tax by changing your accounting date?

A business associate recently told you that his accountant changed his financial account period in order to delay tax liability. Is this something worth considering for your company? More...


Can changing accounting dates legitimately save tax

Your partner has turned a hobby into a small business. It now seems that using the tax year as the business’s accounting period might not have been the most tax-efficient option. Is it too late to go back and change it? More...


Are you looking for a change of accounting date?

If you’re in business as a sole trader or in partnership, a change in your accounting date can affect when your profits are taxed and even the amount of tax payable. Could you benefit from a change? More...


Change your accounting date to save tax

If you’re self-employed, whether you’re running a full-time business or just doing some freelance work on the side, now is the time to think about changing your accounting year. Why? More...


Two trades? Or just the one?

Expenses incurred in setting up a new business can be treated as if incurred on your eventual first day of trading. However, if you’ve an existing business why can’t you claim those expenses right now? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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