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Changes to VAT MOSS - what’s the latest?


Reclaiming VAT on purchases made abroad

Whilst on holiday you find just the thing for your office you’ve been looking for and decide to buy it. As it’s a purchase for your business can you reclaim the foreign VAT you pay? More...


Accounting for VAT after Brexit

HMRC has issued new guidance on the VAT position for goods imported after a no-deal Brexit. Imports from inside and outside the EU may be affected. How might this affect your business? More...


HMRC simplifies customs rules for no-deal

HMRC has taken steps to ease the extra customs admin that may result from a no-deal Brexit. How might this action affect your business? More...


No-deal Brexit plans published

With the deadline just six months away, HMRC has issued a statement about what will happen if no trade deal with the EU is agreed. What might this mean for your business? More...


VAT on foreign purchases - are you missing out?

Businesses that frequently buy goods from abroad have systems set up to reclaim VAT. But if you only make the occasional purchase, how do you go about making a claim? More...


EU sales and forms 101


Reclaiming VAT paid in other countries

Claiming back VAT paid on foreign expenses can be a nightmare. A major change is coming in less than six months, but to get the greatest benefit from this what action should you be taking now? More...


Know your EU sales limits


Parcels that cost a packet

Last updated: 29.05.2020

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