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What will the VAT cost of Brexit be?

The Brexit transitional period is understandably causing confusion among businesses, including questions about extra VAT costs if you import goods from the EU after it ends. What can you really expect? More...


No-deal Brexit plans published

With the deadline just six months away, HMRC has issued a statement about what will happen if no trade deal with the EU is agreed. What might this mean for your business? More...


Changes to VAT rates for EU sales

If you sell services to EU customers via the Internet, there are two important changes to watch out for later this year. What are they? More...


Selling overseas - do you need to register for VAT?

The Internet means you can advertise your products to a customer in, say, Italy, as easily as you can to one just around the corner. But if you make a sale will you need an overseas VAT registration, and what’s the best way to get one? More...


EU sales and forms 101


Know your EU sales limits


Evidence is the key to zero-rating

Goods sold to customers based in another EU country can be zero-rated if the customer is VAT registered there. But if you don’t follow procedure, you could end up with an unexpected VAT bill. What are the golden rules to follow? More...


Import duty for online purchases


Ferry ticket fraud

A new customer from another EU member state wants to buy your goods for sale in their own country. Can your supply be zero-rated as exports if the customer collects the goods from you? More...


Dealing with large companies

Our subscriber sold goods to a US company but delivered them to its UK subsidiary for export to the US. When the VATman came to call he demanded evidence that the goods had left the country. Solution? Read on… More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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