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Tax on personal use of business accommodation

You’re working on a long-term contract that keeps you away from home. You’ve rented an apartment for six months to keep costs down. Will you be taxed if you use the flat at weekends or your family visits? More...


Working abroad - a tax break for travel expenses

Your company has landed a blue-chip contract, but it means you working abroad for a few months. Your company will pay for you to return to the UK mid-contract to see your family, but is there a more attractive and equally tax-efficient alternative? More...


When does the tax break for late night travel apply?

Over Christmas you were roped into entertaining clients and it was late in the evening when you finally took an expensive cab ride home. A colleague says that you’ll have to pay tax on the cost of the journey. Surely this can’t be right? More...


Business trip accommodation expenses not deductible

Each week you travel to another part of the country on business and rent a flat there to save on hotel bills. Surely that’s a tax deductible business expense? The tribunal didn’t think so; why? More...


An interesting case of home-to-work travel

The tribunal recently ruled in a case involving what counts as business mileage. This decision might have serious and wide ranging consequences for taxpayers who have more than one place of work. What’s the full story? More...


Is home-to-work travel ever tax allowable?

In a recent case the tribunal ruled that a home office can count as a permanent workplace for company directors. Does this mean the cost of travel from there to your main workplace is tax deductible? More...


Is cheap travel a tax-free benefit?

With petrol prices sky high, public transport might be a cheaper option for certain business journeys, especially with a discount card. But what will the tax position be where this also entitles you to cut-price tickets for private travel? More...


Motor expenses for your buy-to-let business

The Taxman allows you to deduct expenses from property rental income like any other business. But some costs are easy to overlook, such as travel expenses. What can you claim for? More...


Staying away at the Taxman’s expense

One of our subscribers wanted to cut the cost of his site-based employees staying away for months at a time. Renting a house seems a cheaper alternative to hotels, but would this expense result in a tax bill for the employees? More...


Fancy a weekend break?

Getting away from work for any reasonable length of time can be difficult. If you fancy a weekend break or two away, are there way ways that you can (legitimately) get your company to pay for them? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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