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Entertaining staff and customers tax efficiently

You want to stage an event to promote your business, say an evening barbecue for customers and staff. You expect the cost to be a few thousand pounds. How much tax relief, if any, can you claim and what other tax implications are there? More...


Business entertainment mistakes to avoid

If you spend money on business entertainment you need to be wary of the special tax rules. If you don’t tackle them in the right way you could be missing out on valuable tax relief. What should you be doing? More...


Is the cost of entertaining a director tax deductible?

One of our subscribers, who runs a one-man company, wanted to know if he was entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of an extravagant meal with his partner following the completion of a successful contract? More...


Are entertainment-related costs tax deductible?

Special rules prevent tax relief being allowed for the cost of business entertainment, but certain related costs escape. How do the blocking rules apply and what are the exceptions? More...


Entertaining - don’t miss out on tax deductions

Whether you’re planning a summer ball or a more modest event to promote your business, the Taxman’s guidance says you can’t claim a deduction for the cost. But is this always correct? More...


When are entertainment costs tax deductible?

HMRC has raised a query on your company’s latest accounts regarding the tax deduction claimed for the costs of your sales campaign. It says they count as business entertainment and so aren’t tax deductible. Is this correct? More...


Are entertainment costs ever tax deductible?

You’ve taken a stand at a trade fair, and to pull in the punters you’ve splashed out on some booze and fancy nibbles. Normally there’s no tax deduction for this type of expense, but you can take steps to change this - what are they? More...


No tax-free meals for your customers

Keeping your customers happy is a vital part of your business’s success so you might think buying them the occasional lunch should be tax deductible. But the Taxman says “no”! Is there a way around this? More...


A la carte board meeting

If your company’s board of directors meets at a local restaurant, could the cost of the meal be a tax deductible expense for the company? More...


Boxing days

Your local team is doing well so your company is thinking about hiring a box at a football club to entertain customers. What are the main tax issues surrounding the cost of doing this? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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