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Motor expenses - an unexpected VAT bonus

VAT rules for cars used in your business are notoriously strict. However, for some types of car-related expenditure they are surprisingly generous. What are they and how can you take maximum advantage of them? More...


New scale charges for VAT on fuel


New flat rate car fuel charges


Avoiding car fuel benefit the easy way

For most people with company cars it’s not tax efficient for the business to pay for private fuel as it results in a fixed and hefty tax bill. However, avoiding the tax charge can be more tricky than you might think. What are your options? More...


VAT on road fuel - the new flat rate option

We recently told you about changes to the VAT fuel scale charge for non-business journeys which take effect next month. There have now been further developments. What are they and how will they apply? More...


VAT on fuel - all change for 2014

The VAT rules that apply where your business pays for fuel used for business and personal journeys are changing soon. Most businesses will need to revise their procedures; what will this involve? More...


Taxman’s advice on car fuel is wrong


Are you paying too much VAT on fuel?

The Taxman has incorrectly applied the law which says how much VAT is payable where businesses pay for fuel used for private mileage. What’s the full story? More...


New VAT charges for private motoring

Fuel prices are on the rise again, and with effect from May 1 2009 the Taxman has increased his VAT charges for private mileage. So, what’s the most effective way for you to claim some of this back? More...


Yet another scale rate increase

The VATman has yet again increased his scale rate for fuel used on private journeys. How should you deal with this in practice and are there any alternatives? More...
Last updated: 26.02.2020

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