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Less tax on optional car benefit

HMRC has changed its view on how you work out the taxable amount where an employee sacrifices pay for a company car. As an employer what do you need to know?

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Tax deductions for “spouse’s wages”

Your new bookkeeper has suggested you pay your other half a salary and claim it as a business expense. He says as long as you actually pay them HMRC can’t object to the tax deduction. Is this really correct? More...


Stay connected or risk losing ER

If you make a gain from selling your company, entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) can reduce your tax bill if you’ve been employed by it for at least a year. However, this condition has a catch. What is it and how can you avoid getting caught? More...


Training costs - tax relief, yes or no?

As a self-employed trader the cost of keeping up to date in your chosen field is tax deductible, but not the cost of learning new skills. The latter can be very expensive, so are there any steps you can take to qualify it for tax relief? More...


What’s the right way to report an error to HMRC?

If you’ve overlooked income you should have declared to HMRC or made a mistake in your or your company’s tax return, you need to put it right. Should you just send a letter explaining the position or is there a better alternative? More...


Was it really a low-key Budget?

The pre-Budget rumours didn’t come to much in the end; however, the Chancellor announced a few interesting changes. How might they affect you or your business? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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