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Tax-efficient ways to use your pension savings

Your company needs an injection of money. The bank will charge a stiff interest rate even if it agrees to a loan. How might you be able to use your pension fund to provide cash and increase tax relief?

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Christmas - guidance for employers

Before Christmas 2018 HMRC wrote to employers about a temporary relaxation of the deadline for reporting payroll information. What’s the position for this year? More...


What’s new with company cars in 2020

If you have use of a company car for private travel you’ll have to pay tax for the privilege. Plus, there’s a further tax bill if the business pays for your fuel for private journeys. What’s changing with these tax charges in April 2020? More...


How long can you stay VAT registered?

You’ve been winding down one of your businesses so that now it’s trading well below the VAT registration limit. You want to stay registered so you can continue to reclaim VAT on purchases but can HMRC override your decision? More...


MTDfV - are you ready for the next step?

Making Tax Digital for VAT became compulsory in April 2019 which means another important digital deadline is looming. What is it? More...


Will new CO2 ratings affect car-related taxes?

From 6 April 2020 cars will have their CO2 emissions based on new more realistic levels. HMRC has already announced new scale charges for company cars but how will the new CO2 ratings affect other tax liabilities and deductions? More...
Last updated: 06.12.2019

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