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Can you choose who to offer a tax-free perk to?

You want to use tax and NI-free perks to improve the value of salary packages for some of your staff. Paying for pensions advice is one possibility but HMRC’s conditions make it tricky to target this tax break. Is there a workaround?

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How to make CGT deferral more efficient

You’re selling shares in a company which because of recent changes to the rules don’t qualify for the special low entrepreneurs’ relief rate of tax. What steps can you take to replicate it or achieve an even lower tax bill? More...


Don’t let business property relief disappear

Business property relief shelters the value of your business from the Taxman. The trouble is when you retire from your unincorporated business the relief disappears immediately. How can you preserve it? More...


New review of loan charge announced

HMRC’s deadline for reporting disguised remuneration involving loans was April 2019. However, the government has ordered a new review. How might this affect you and your business? More...


Selling your business - tax traps to avoid

You’re selling your business and as part of the deal you’ll stay on in a managerial role for three years. You’ll then be paid an additional sum based on the profits made over that period. How should you structure the payment to avoid tax traps? More...


Children, shares and long-term tax planning

Your long-term plan is for your children to take over the family company but they are far too young at the moment. Nevertheless, is it worth giving them shares in the business now as a tax-saving measure? More...
Last updated: 18.11.2019

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