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New VAT rules for the construction industry

HMRC has published draft legislation aimed at shifting the VAT liability on building and other construction services from the supplier to the customer. When will the new rules take effect and how might they affect your business?

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Cash basis - decision time for some landlords

As a landlord you might need to make extra calculations when completing your 2017/18 tax return because of the new basis for working out profit. What sort of adjustments are required and is there a way to avoid having to make them? More...


The big IR35 consultation

HMRC has published its keenly awaited consultation on the future of IR35. Radical changes are ahead for some freelancers and those who hire them. How could you be affected? More...


Pay a dividend now to defer and reduce last year’s tax

Your accountant is finishing work on your company’s accounts. He suggests paying a dividend to cover payments your company made last tax year which will otherwise be taxed as benefits in kind. Will this cause trouble with HMRC? More...


Personal or corporate investment - which is better?

You have the opportunity to buy shares in a new company with good prospects. You can afford to make the investment personally, but might you be better off doing it through your company? More...


How many employment allowances can you claim?

Your existing company employs several workers. You’re starting a new business shortly which will also employ staff. Are you entitled to just one NI employment allowance to cover both businesses or can you legitimately claim two? More...
Last updated: 13.07.2018

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