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Landlords: how to use capital allowances wisely

Special rules exist for tax deductions for the cost of equipment used in property rental businesses. Anecdotal evidence suggests that landlords are missing out on these. What tax allowances are available to you?

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Employing close family - tax efficient or tax trap?

Putting spouses and children on the payroll of your business can be tax efficient as long as HMRC will wear it. Where do you stand if the Taxman challenges your claim for a tax deduction? More...


Limitless pension contributions

While getting your business off the ground you neglected your pension savings. You want to make up for it now but your advisor tells you that the annual contribution limits will prevent this. Is there a way around them? More...


MTD - how late can you leave it?

HMRC has updated its guidance about when you must start the Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) registration process to ensure that you aren’t late. How long have you got? More...


New payslip regulations


Exempt employer payments for homeworking

There’s more than one way to compensate your staff tax and NI free for costs they incur when they work from home. The rules for each are quite different but is one more generous than the others? More...
Last updated: 24.05.2019

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