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Lending to your company - avoid a tax trap

A few years ago you personally borrowed money to help your company through a sticky patch. A colleague says that you could claim a tax deduction for this. Assuming he’s correct, how much tax relief can you claim?

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How to make CGT deferral more efficient

You’re selling shares in a company which because of recent changes to the rules don’t qualify for the special low entrepreneurs’ relief rate of tax. What steps can you take to replicate it or achieve an even lower tax bill? More...


Paying a director off the record

You’ve engaged the services of a non-executive director (NED) who has experience in growing companies. She says she’s freelance and has asked for her fees to be paid free of tax and NI. Is that OK or do you run the risk of trouble with HMRC? More...


Directors’ loans - is a book entry better than cash?

As a shareholder if you owe your company money it might result in an extra tax charge. This can be avoided by clearing the debt with a simple book entry or as a transfer of the cash required, but which is the best option? More...


Making the transition from cash accounting

As a landlord you can prepare your tax accounts either on a cash basis or using the normal accounting rules (the accruals basis). If you change methods you must make transitional adjustments. What’s involved? More...


Latest IR35 guidance from HMRC

HMRC’s guidance on the new IR35 regime for the private sector is light on information for contractors. If you’re a contractor personally providing services, what steps should you take before the new regime applies? More...
Last updated: 12.11.2019

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