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Property damage - is tax payable on compensation?

A large delivery vehicle hit your building causing significant damage. The vehicle’s owner is willing to pay you £5,000 compensation rather than deal with it through insurance claims. Will you have to pay tax on it?

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Selling your home - private residence relief slashed

In two stealthy moves, the Chancellor used the 2018 Budget to raise some extra capital gains tax from certain individuals when they sell their home. Could this include you? More...


Loans to directors - when do special charges not apply?

A stiff tax for your company can arise if you borrow money from it. A colleague tells you it can be avoided if the loan is on commercial terms. Is she correct and are there other ways the tax bill might be dodged? More...


HMRC plans MTD delay for some businesses

Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) starts in earnest in several months. Virtually all registered businesses will have to comply, but not necessarily from 1 April 2019. What’s the start date for your business? More...


When is a dividend taxable?

Just before the end of the tax year you drew some cash from your company’s bank account for personal use. Now we’re in another tax year you intend to treat the payment as a dividend. When will you have to pay tax on it? More...


Can a pension payment turn a profit into a loss?

Usually your company makes a substantial pension contribution for its directors. But projections show only a modest profit for this year which won’t be enough to cover the pension payments. Is it still tax efficient for it to go ahead? More...
Last updated: 15.01.2019

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