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Another delay in the loan charge?

After the government’s apparently “final review” of the loan charge and HMRC’s response the position seemed settled. However, it’s now back on the agenda. What’s the full story?

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VAT payment holiday - correction


Tax bills deferred due to coronavirus

The Chancellor has announced a deferral of some tax bills because of coronavirus. Which taxes are involved and what’s in the small print? More...


Working from home during coronavirus

A major side effect of coronavirus is that employees have been asked to work at home wherever possible. They may incur additional domestic costs as a result. From a tax perspective what does this mean for employers and employees? More...


Tax break for owners of companies in trouble

Coronavirus is having a devastating effect on the trade of many companies which might result in closure or a negative balance sheet. What tax relief for these losses is available to the shareholders and when can they claim it? More...


Coronavirus measures and other Budget announcements

The Budget in mid-March 2020 has been completely overshadowed by coronavirus. Nevertheless, most of the changes announced in it will go ahead as planned. How might some of these affect you and your business? More...
Last updated: 25.05.2020

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