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Have you missed out on tax loss reliefs?

You let out a property for several years, but as it was loss making you didn’t declare it to HMRC. It’s now started turning a profit but you’ve been advised that because you didn’t declare the losses it’s too late to use them. Is this correct?

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Alert over old-style VAT returns

Under Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) you won’t be able to submit returns using HMRC’s existing system, known as the portal site. Where does that leave you if you later need to correct a return? More...


Flat rate travel expenses - HMRC’s hidden trap

You use HMRC’s approved benchmark rates when you pay your employees for subsistence when they travel for work. The trouble is, if you follow HMRC’s latest advice you may be costing yourself VAT. What’s the full story? More...


What does a soft landing for MTD digital links mean?

Making tax digital for VAT legislation requires you to have “digital links” between your financial data and the quarterly VAT reports. What changes might you need to make to your record keeping to achieve this? More...


Will your company qualify for the new “goodwill” relief?

The 2018 Budget included a proposal to introduce a new relief for intangible assets including goodwill. The new relief will be allowed from April 2019. Will you qualify if you acquired the asset prior to this? More...


HMRC’s new policy on deposits

Last updated: 22.03.2019

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