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Filing your tax return on time - tips from HMRC

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New tax and NI bands - how much better off will you be?

The Chancellor announced a substantial hike in the thresholds for basic rate tax and NI. At first sight these look generous, but looks can be deceiving. How much better off might you be from April 2019? More...


VAT efficiency for private use of business assets

When you buy equipment for your business and expect to use it for private purposes there are two methods for working out the amount of VAT you can reclaim. Which is the most tax efficient? More...


2018 Budget - the small print

As usual, the more interesting Budget changes didn’t feature in the Chancellor’s speech but in the documents produced by HMRC. What important changes might you have overlooked? More...


Less pay for more holiday - what’s the tax position?

One of your employees has asked if she can give up some of her salary for extra holiday. You’re aware that there are special tax and NI rules for sacrificing pay for benefits. How do they apply in this situation? More...


HMRC plans MTD delay for some businesses

Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) starts in earnest in several months. Virtually all registered businesses will have to comply, but not necessarily from 1 April 2019. What’s the start date for your business? More...
Last updated: 11.12.2018

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