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How to sell your former home tax efficiently

You want to sell your former home. You’ve been told you can reduce any capital gains tax significantly by giving a share of the property to your spouse. It sounds too good to be true - are there any traps to watch for?

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Business entertainment mistakes to avoid

If you spend money on business entertainment you need to be wary of the special tax rules. If you don’t tackle them in the right way you could be missing out on valuable tax relief. What should you be doing? More...


Motor expenses - an unexpected VAT bonus

VAT rules for cars used in your business are notoriously strict. However, for some types of car-related expenditure they are surprisingly generous. What are they and how can you take maximum advantage of them? More...


Family companies - spread the profit tax efficiently

You started a company a few years ago and it’s doing well. A friend has suggested you give some shares in it to your young children. You’re thinking of going ahead, but how should you go about it to avoid trouble with HMRC? More...


New scale charges for VAT on fuel


Selling your home office - will you have to pay tax?

Part of your home has been used for business purposes and you’ve claimed a corresponding income tax deduction for the running costs. You’re about to sell your home for much more than you paid for it. Will you have to pay any tax? More...
Last updated: 24.05.2018

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