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£100,000 to shop your business?

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is offering employees a reward of up to £100,000 to whistleblow on their employer. Can you prohibit staff from contacting the CMA? More...


Whistleblowing about personal working area

In Morgan v Royal Mencap Society 2016 the employee claimed that her complaint about a cramped personal working area was a protected disclosure under whistleblowing legislation. Did the Employment Appeal Tribunal agree? More...


Whistleblowing and the public interest test

In order to succeed in a whistleblowing claim, one of the things an employee must show is that it meets the public interest test. What must they do to demonstrate this? More...


The Employment and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

After much Parliamentary to-ing and fro-ing, the Employment and Regulatory Reform Bill finally received Royal Assent on April 25. What are its key changes and when will they come into force? More...


Whistleblowing to “SFO Confidential”

The Serious Fraud Office has recently launched “SFO Confidential”. This new service allows an employee to “whistleblow” if they have any suspicions about bribery. There’s a big risk here, so what should you do now? More...


What is an “automatic unfair dismissal”?

Every employee has protection against “automatic unfair dismissal” from day one of employment. Unfortunately, over the years, this particular right has caught many employers out - so what is the main risk area? More...


Employees fiddle £2.1 billion in expenses

Research has revealed that employers reimburse their staff nearly £9 billion in expenses every year. But £2.1 billion of that comes from fraudulent claims, which their colleagues turn a blind eye to. How can you combat this problem? More...


Proving the disclosure

The public interest disclosure provisions protect employees from dismissal etc. on the grounds they’ve made a protected disclosure. What’s the latest case have to say on the subject? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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