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32% “too scared” to speak to line managers

Apparently, 32% of employees feel uncomfortable approaching their line manager about work-related problems. As this could harm productivity and morale, how can you encourage your employees to speak up? More...


The benefits of staff suggestion schemes

You’ve heard that your staff can be rewarded tax-effectively if they make suggestions which could improve your business. Is this true and are there any limits on this type of employee incentive? More...


The top workplace distractions


Motivation: saying a powerful “thank you”

All employees appreciate a thank you for their work. However, according to experts, include a little more detail and you can seriously boost motivation. What do you need to know? More...


Q & A - should we have a “brag board”?


Bring your dog to work day


Could colouring books boost productivity?


Getting the most out of a shy employee

One of your employees rarely speaks up and his colleagues are starting to notice. Having raised this with him gently, he’s confessed to being really shy. What might help you get the most out of this employee? More...


An e-mail ban to improve productivity?

To increase staff productivity levels, a number of employers have introduced rules which say that work-related e-mails must not be sent at certain non-work times, e.g. late at night and weekends. Is this something you should try? More...


Weight loss and diet clubs at work

The start of a new year has inspired some of your employees to lose some weight. With this in mind they’ve asked if they can support each other by setting up a workplace diet club. Should you agree to this or not? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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