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The top workplace distractions


Motivation: saying a powerful “thank you”

All employees appreciate a thank you for their work. However, according to experts, include a little more detail and you can seriously boost motivation. What do you need to know? More...


Q & A - should we have a “brag board”?


Could colouring books boost productivity?


Getting the most out of a shy employee

One of your employees rarely speaks up and his colleagues are starting to notice. Having raised this with him gently, he’s confessed to being really shy. What might help you get the most out of this employee? More...


Motivation: it’s music to their ears


Food at desks and productivity

One major staff bugbear is sitting near a colleague who’s eating at their desk. However, apart from employee relations and hygiene, there’s another good reason why this activity should be banned. What is it? More...


Dealing with a chatterbox

One of your employees talks non-stop all day long and her mundane chatter is incredibly distracting (not to mention boring) for those around her. What’s the best way to tackle this type of problem? More...


Motivated by a simple “thank you”


Motivation: the additional holiday solution

To motivate staff, Richard Branson has announced that employees at Virgin’s parent company can take as much holiday as they want, when they want. This is unrealistic for most smaller employers but what could you do instead? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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