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Poor performance: must you consider an alternative role?

You have an underperforming employee who you really want to dismiss. However, a manager says that before you can do this you must consider whether you have a suitable alternative role for them. Is this true? More...


How to deal with a whingeing employee

One of your employees is always moaning about something or other - their whingeing never stops. In fact, it’s getting so bad that their constant negativity is starting to disrupt the team. How do you deal with this situation? More...


Issuing an “improvement note” for poor performance

Acas has updated its guidance on how to deal with workplace disciplinary and grievance issues. One new development is the introduction of improvement notes. What are these and when should they be used? More...


Q&A - new relationship affecting performance


The best way to handle several minor issues

One of your employees is driving you to distraction. Whilst there’s no major problem that would justify you taking formal action, each week there’s a minor performance or misconduct issue. How should you handle it? More...


Dealing with a messy relationship breakup

An employee has recently gone through a messy relationship breakup. Unfortunately, it’s affecting their work and starting to disrupt the team. You’re sympathetic but need them to get a grip. What’s the best way to handle it? More...


Can probation be extended automatically?

Although a candidate can look good on paper and interview well, they may not be the perfect match. You can test the waters with a probation period. If the required standards aren’t met, can it be extended automatically? More...


19% perform poorly due to money worries


Slacking off during their notice period

An employee is working out their notice period and it’s obvious that they are starting to take it too easy. For example, their timekeeping is questionable and the standard of their work has dropped. How should you deal with this? More...


Your mother is on the phone - again!

One of your employees routinely receives personal calls on your business landline during the working day. The most frequent caller is their elderly mother who often stays on the phone for ages. How can you put a stop to this? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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