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Salary sacrifice: benefits removed

From 6 April 2017 the income tax and employers’ NI advantages that currently apply to salary sacrifice schemes will be limited, but which benefits in kind (BiKs) won’t be affected? More...


BiKs to lose tax advantages?

If HMRC gets its way, the tax advantages for many benefits in kind (BiKs) will be scrapped from April 2017. What is it planning? More...


HMRC guidance on employee travel


Rewarding long-serving employees

When an employee has been with you for a number of years you might want to recognise their loyalty with a cash or non-cash benefit. Provided you stick to the rules this is fine. But what’s the tax position on long service awards? More...


Childcare vouchers: under the new scheme

In Autumn 2015 a new tax-free childcare voucher scheme is set to commence. When this happens the current scheme will remain in place but be closed to new entrants. What are the main differences with its replacement? More...


Paying for private medical tests

An employee requires some urgent medical tests and is currently facing a lengthy wait on the NHS. You’re prepared to pay for them to “go private” to speed things up but what’s the tax position (for both of you) if you do? More...


Virgin’s new uniform flashes a boob

Apparently, female staff at Virgin Trains are unhappy about their new uniforms which they claim are “too revealing”. To protect their modesty, they’ve been offered £20 “to buy a new bra”. Why might this get HMRC hot under the collar? More...


Get all P11Ds to HMRC by July 6!

Last updated: 04.08.2020

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