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Calling employees who are long-term sick

In the past two years 43% of employers have had staff off work sick for more than four weeks. If one of your employees is on long-term sick leave, what are the rules concerning ongoing telephone contact? More...


Insist on sickness absence reports by phone

Apparently, 20% of employees don’t understand why they must personally phone their line manager when they are off sick. They think they should be able to send an e-mail or text instead. Why is phone reporting so important? More...


How to deal with the “job ghosting” trend

Apparently, there has been a sharp rise in job ghosting. This is where an employee disappears without any notice or contact. If it looks like you’ve been ghosted by one of your employees, how should you handle it? More...


Why disclose your sickness absence costs?

To discourage unnecessary sickness absence in your workplace, you could advise employees how much it costs you each year. Why might this help and how should this information be issued? More...


Not back from annual leave as return flight cancelled

An employee has sent an e-mail saying they’ll be a few days late returning to work from annual leave as their flight back to the UK has been cancelled. As they say it’s not their fault, what should you do now? More...


Managing World Cup 2018 fever

Between 14 June and 15 July 2018 some of your staff will be gripped by World Cup fever. What headaches could this create and how can you manage them effectively? More...


Sickness absence with a silver lining


Absent but do you know why?


11 July 2016 is the perfect day for a sickie!


Holiday dates refused, taking the time off anyway

An employee recently submitted a holiday request which you rejected for legitimate business reasons. However, she’s now informed you that she will be taking that time off anyway. What should you do now? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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