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Please arrive ten minutes before you start

You’ve noticed that several employees are becoming sloppy with their timekeeping. To solve this problem, it’s been suggested that you insist everyone arrives ten minutes before their start time. Is this safe or problematic? More...


Late for work due to car problems

You’ve received a call from an employee who says that they’ll be late for work today as they have car problems. How should you deal with this situation and what if it becomes a regular event? More...


Absent but do you know why?


Persistent lateness justifies dismissal

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked due to their “persistent lateness” was fairly dismissed. What did the employer do in this case which ensured a successful outcome? More...


I can’t come in - there are no trains today!

At the end of April 2015 1,000s of commuters were stuck on trains following a massive power failure. Consequently, many were either seriously late for work or didn’t make it in at all. What’s the legal position on pay in these situations? More...


Q&A - getting to work on time


Prepare now for winter weather (and skivers)

We may be in for some tough weather conditions over the forthcoming winter months. As this could easily mean severe disruption for employers, what can you do now to prepare? More...


Dealing with unauthorised absences

An employee has taken a number of unauthorised absences over the past few weeks. Each time they’ve trotted out a different, but plausible, excuse. However, you can’t let this situation continue, so what’s the answer? More...


Time off (or not) for dental appointments

Apparently, more than two million employees have “gone sick” as a result of oral health problems in the past five years. Whilst a visit to the dentist can both prevent and cure problems, must you grant time off for this purpose? More...


A bad weather (skiving) alert

Forecasters are predicting that we’re going to have the worst winter for 100 years. Even if they’re wrong, some employees use the lightest snow flurry as an opportunity to skive. So what can you do to protect your business? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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