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What are the key risks to lone workers?

Those who are employed in lone working roles face a variety of risks. The most obvious one is the threat of violence, but what other key areas should you consider when undertaking a risk assessment for these types of worker? More...


Workplace pranks, injuries and employers’ liability

In October 2017 an employee sued her employer for £58,000. She had been injured after a colleague deliberately pulled her chair away as she sat down. However, the court said the employer wasn’t liable. Why was this? More...


On-site gyms and potential legal liability

You have some space on site which is standing empty. Several employees have suggested that you obtain a few pieces of second-hand equipment and convert the area into a small gym. Is this as straightforward as it sounds? More...


Work-related incapacity and right to pay

There will be occasions where an employee is incapacitated due to a work-related illness or injury. In this situation are they legally entitled to receive full pay for the duration of their sickness absence? More...


Q&A - work experience and insurance


25% of road traffic incidents are work-related

According to the HSE, more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve somebody who is driving for work. In these situations how can you be sure your insurer will have all the relevant details? More...


Q&A - what’s the law on drinking water?


Off sick but they won’t say why

An employee who’s been off sick for a few days is refusing to divulge the reason for their recent absence. They say that this information is confidential and they have a legal right to privacy. Is this true? More...


Is work-related stress a disability?

An employee has been signed off work for a few weeks by their GP who states that they are suffering from work-related stress. Does this medical diagnosis automatically mean your employee is disabled? More...


Employee caused accident after work: are you liable?

On their way home from work an employee steps off the pavement without looking and causes a serious accident. As they were travelling back from work at the time, could you be liable for their actions? More...
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