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25% of road traffic incidents are work-related

According to the HSE, more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve somebody who is driving for work. In these situations how can you be sure your insurer will have all the relevant details? More...


Employee caused accident after work: are you liable?

On their way home from work an employee steps off the pavement without looking and causes a serious accident. As they were travelling back from work at the time, could you be liable for their actions? More...


Children at work during the school holidays

An employee has asked if they can bring their child into work for a few days during the school holidays - they’re struggling with childcare and promise that “the little one won’t be any trouble”. Should you say “yes” to help them out? More...


Can you carry out safety inductions in-house?

You need to include some health and safety training in your inductions for new starters. Is this something you can do in-house or must you fork out money for an outside expert? More...


The Supreme Court has been looking at shoes

It’s been suggested that a ruling by the Supreme Court - which involved an employee who fell on ice - requires employers to provide specialist footwear for all employees. Has the Court really done this? More...


Struggling to find a replacement first aider?

Your trained first aider has just left and you need a replacement. The problem is that none of your employees want to take on the role. Must you have first aid support and, if so, what are your best options for finding someone? More...


Taking care of lone workers

Some employees spend all or part of their time working alone without any direct supervision. As such employees are potentially put at greater risk of harm, what must you do to help protect them? More...


Employee injured by mug sues employer

An employee who was badly injured when the handle fell off a Miss Piggy mug she was holding has been awarded nearly £30,000 in damages. Why was the employer held liable for her personal injury? More...


Safety signs and signals: updated guidance


Religious dress: choice and discrimination

When one employer asked a Muslim woman if she could wear a shorter jilbab at work she claimed that its request amounted to religious discrimination. What did the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decide? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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