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Employer spends £64,534 defending tribunal claim

It’s been reported that one employer has spent over £64,500 on legal fees successfully defending a tribunal claim. Is that how much it costs to defend a claim these days? More...


When the employee is a litigant in person

If a lawyer or other professional represents an employee at tribunal, they must comply with a number of strict rules. But what happens when the employee acts as a litigant in person - are they subject to any rules? More...


Legal challenge to tribunal fees

Within days of the new tribunal fees system going live, Unison challenged its legality in the courts. Why has it launched this legal action and will it successfully see off the pro-employer charging regime? More...


The tribunal: two good news changes

On July 29 2013 the tribunal fees system goes live. In addition to this new charging regime, a further procedure is going to be implemented at the same time to weed out weak claims. So what’s on the cards? More...


Tribunal claims: good news!

According to the latest Ministry of Justice statistics, there were 186,300 tribunal claims accepted in 2011/12. Some might say this is a sizeable figure, but why is it actually good news for you? More...


Tribunal fees are now a done deal

The Ministry of Justice recently confirmed that fees for employment tribunal claims will be introduced in the middle of next year. It’s about time too! So what’s on the cards for employees who have an axe to grind? More...


New tribunal rules: will they help employers?

On April 6 2012 some new tribunal rules came into effect which are designed to help employers. What’s happened and, more importantly, are these procedural changes really going to do any good? More...


Tribunal costs cap raised to £20,000


Have your say on the “non-negotiable” tribunal fees

At the moment, employees can issue a tribunal claim free of charge. The government believes this system encourages malicious allegations and wants to change it. So what’s on its radar and is there a catch for you? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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