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Off sick but they won’t say why

An employee who’s been off sick for a few days is refusing to divulge the reason for their recent absence. They say that this information is confidential and they have a legal right to privacy. Is this true? More...


Let’s get personal

The Information Commissioner has published new guidance on the meaning of “personal data”. You’re probably processing personal data every day, so how can this guidance help ensure that you comply with the Data Protection Act 1998? More...


Plugging information leaks

You suspect that confidential information is being leaked to the local press. Although you’ve a good idea who is responsible, you have no definite proof. How can you lawfully find out who is the culprit and what’s being leaked? More...


Using secret tape recordings in tribunals

As you may know, taping a disciplinary hearing is perfectly legal. But supposing you hold a private meeting with managers to discuss a disciplinary case and it’s secretly recorded by the employee? Could this be used against you in a tribunal? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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