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Responding to subject access requests

By law, all employees have the right to make a subject access request (SAR) and see the personal data that you hold on them. Where this happens, must they state the reason behind their request or is it irrelevant? More...


Grievances: a right to see your investigation notes?

An employee recently raised a grievance and is unhappy about how you dealt with it. They now want you to disclose all written documentation relating to your investigation. Must you comply with their request? More...


Dealing with a blanket subject access request

You’ve received a subject access request from an employee who says that they want you to disclose “everything that mentions them”. Do they have a right to receive a hard copy of any record or document which has their name in it? More...


What makes personal data “sensitive”?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 there are two types of data - “personal data” and “sensitive personal data”. What’s the difference between the two and how can you be sure that you’re handling each type correctly? More...


subject access requests: that’s criminal


Data protection: what are they really after?

You’ve received a subject access request (SAR) from an individual but it isn’t obvious what personal data is being sought. Can you ignore it on the basis that it’s unclear? More...


Are your employees’ details accurate and up to date?

Sometimes employees will forget to tell you about, or deliberately fail to disclose, an important change to their personal circumstances. How can you ensure the information you hold is accurate and up to date? More...


New subject access Code of Practice


Subject access request: does your intranet count?

One of your employees has made a subject access request (SAR) for all personal data that you hold on them. Their training and appraisal records are available on your intranet. Can you tell them to extract this information from there? More...


Disclosing information on “loss of earnings”

One of your employees suffered a personal injury outside of the workplace. An insurer has now written to you asking for full details of their “loss of earnings”. What information are they seeking and can you disclose it? More...
Last updated: 21.08.2019

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