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Covert CCTV didn’t breach human rights laws

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has held that five workers’ privacy rights weren’t breached when their employer installed covert CCTV. Does this mean you can install hidden cameras anywhere in your workplace? More...


Covert CCTV breaches human rights laws

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered an employer to pay five employees €4,000 each, even though covert CCTV footage clearly showed them stealing stock. Where did the employer go wrong? More...


E-mails, privacy and human rights

The European Court of Human Rights has found that an employer infringed an employee’s human rights when it read personal e-mails on his work account. Does this mean e-mails shouldn’t be monitored? More...


OK to fit monitoring sensors under desks?

In August 2017 it was reported that Barclays had anonymously put devices that monitor heat and motion under employees’ desks. This sounds like an effective way to see what staff get up to but what’s the potential problem? More...


Can you monitor mobile phones?

Many employees use mobile phones for work-related purposes - either a personal device or one that is owned by their employer. What are your legal rights when it comes to monitoring these devices? More...


New Code of Practice on CCTV


Tracking their every move

An electronics manufacturer has produced a high-tech ID badge that can track your employees’ every move. This may sound like a great way to find out what staff get up to but what’s the problem? More...


Covert surveillance of suspicious employees

In a recent case, the employer suspected that an employee was fraudulently claiming pay. To put the matter beyond doubt, they put him under covert surveillance. What did the Employment Appeal Tribunal say about it? More...


When can you covertly monitor telephone calls?

You’re concerned that some employees may not be handling customers’ telephone calls properly. To establish the facts, you’re thinking about secretly recording those conversations. Is this legal or a complete no-no? More...


CCTV: how to carry out an impact assessment

You’re thinking of introducing CCTV cameras into your workplace for the first time. However, you’ve been told that before you can go down this route an “impact assessment” is required. How exactly is this done? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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