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TUPE and changes to contractual terms

When an employee transfers to your employment under TUPE, their existing contractual terms are legally protected. But what if a term is out of date, for example an unused travel allowance? Can you remove it? More...


TUPE transfers and absent employees

When a business changes hands its employees will generally transfer to the new owner or service provider under TUPE. But what happens if an employee is absent on long-term sick leave. Do they automatically transfer or not? More...


TUPE transfer: is the consultation binding?

You’ve been talking to another firm about taking over its business and have consulted with the affected employees under TUPE. If the deal doesn’t go ahead, could those employees still claim there was a TUPE transfer? More...


TUPE: there’s an outstanding disciplinary appeal

You’re in the process of taking over another business and all its staff under TUPE. It recently dismissed an employee who is appealing that decision. What are the risks for you if the outgoing employer fails to hear their appeal? More...


Look closely at employment contracts

If you’re planning on buying another business, or part of one, there are many areas that you need to look at during your due diligence checks. But why is it so vital to focus on what’s in the transferring employees’ employment contracts? More...


Objecting to a TUPE transfer

Understanding the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) has never been easy. But what’s the latest on employees who object to being transferred? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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