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Retaining knowledge when a key employee retires

An experienced employee has just announced plans to retire and you will be sad to see them go. But what steps can you take to retain their knowledge so your business derives the benefits? More...


Workplace mentors: how can you benefit?

Younger staff often think that their older colleagues are “behind the times”. But this group of employees has something money can’t buy: life and work experience. So how can you benefit from them becoming workplace mentors? More...


Remove the DRA from all your paperwork

The default retirement age of 65 was formally removed on April 6 2011. This means that many of you will need to make changes to your employment-related paperwork. What documents might you need to update and how? More...


How to approach retirement discussions

Even though the default retirement age of 65 has been abolished, employees can still opt to retire voluntarily. But how do you bring this sensitive subject up without giving any hint of “age discrimination”? More...


DRA: what are the short notice provisions?


October 1 2011: Goodbye DRA!

The default retirement age of 65 will definitely be abolished on October 1 2011. But there’s a cut-off date for safe retirement dismissals. What is it? More...


Get them (out) before the DRA gets you!


True or false: the DRA is about to go?

In a surprising move, the government has announced that it plans to scrap the current default retirement age (DRA) of 65 starting from April 2011. This decision has come under fire, but is it really as bad as it sounds? More...


You may not be able to retire them!

The default retirement age of 65 was granted a stay of execution last year. But the government now wants it gone. So what is it proposing instead? More...


Your views wanted on the DRA

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