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How to approach retirement discussions

Even though the default retirement age of 65 has been abolished, employees can still opt to retire voluntarily. But how do you bring this sensitive subject up without giving any hint of “age discrimination”? More...


Retirement costs £3.5 billion


Are they in or out at 65?

The High Court has now ruled on whether it’s legal for you to force staff to retire at 65. So, can you safely show them the door, or do they stay put? More...


A decision on the statutory retirement age?


Is forced retirement at 65 now discriminatory?

We previously told you that a challenge to the default retirement age of 65 had been brought by “Heyday”. The European Court of Justice recently published its ruling. What was the outcome and how does it affect you? More...


What’s a “normal” retirement age?

In recent years, many employers have reduced the age at which employees are expected to retire at. But what happens if employment contracts aren’t altered to reflect this change? What does a new case say? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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