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How to handle a lengthy written grievance

All employees have the statutory right to raise a grievance. If one of your employees exercises this right by presenting you with a written complaint that’s several pages long, how should you handle it? More...


A new but repetitive grievance

An employee has raised a grievance which is their second in three months. Having read it, you’ve noticed that it simply repeats issues which were settled following their earlier complaint. How should you handle the situation? More...


Raised a grievance then resigned

You’re currently investigating an employee’s grievance. Although you’ve not yet reached a conclusion, they’ve handed you their resignation. Does that mean you can forget about their grievance now? More...


Can I withdraw my grievance please?

Every employee has the statutory right to raise a grievance. But what happens if they subsequently inform you that they want to withdraw it? Must you respect their decision or carry on with the process regardless? More...


How to document a grievance meeting

Whenever an employee raises a grievance, you must arrange a meeting to discuss their complaint. How should the grievance meeting be documented and what else should you always do? More...


Grievances: a right to see your investigation notes?

An employee recently raised a grievance and is unhappy about how you dealt with it. They now want you to disclose all written documentation relating to your investigation. Must you comply with their request? More...


Exit interviews: is this a grievance?

Like most employers, you probably conduct exit interviews for departing employees. What if an employee raises a complaint during such an interview. Should you automatically trigger your grievance procedure? More...


A grievance from a former employee

You’ve just received a written grievance from a former employee who left a few weeks ago. Are you legally obliged to deal with their complaint under your grievance procedure or not? More...


Grievances: this has been made up

An employee has just presented you with a written grievance. However, you suspect from the content that it’s been fabricated purely to get somebody else into trouble. Are you still obliged to investigate it? More...


Grievances: who should hear an appeal?

When an employee’s grievance is rejected or only partially upheld, you must offer them a right of appeal - if you don’t your procedure will be unfair. Assuming the employee does appeal, who should hear it? More...
Last updated: 12.12.2018

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