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Employer liable for boss’s private party punch

The Court of Appeal has ruled that an employer was vicariously liable for an employee’s injuries after he was punched by his boss at a private party. Does this mean that you’re now accountable for all incidents outside of work? More...


Do you need workplace banter training?

It’s been reported that Leicester Police is offering all its employees “workplace banter training” at a cost of £450 per head. This is an unusual step, but is it something you should be doing too? More...


Employees’ top excuses for lateness

In May 2018 released its findings into the top excuses given by employees for lateness. What else did its research into tardiness reveal and can persistent lateness give you grounds for dismissal? More...


Inappropriate language policy?

A well-known law firm has introduced a new policy that recommends staff should call out inappropriate language by saying “that’s not cool”. Should you give your employees similar advice? More...


Bad attitude: is it a misconduct or capability issue?

One of your employees has been displaying what can only be described as a “bad attitude” and you’ve had enough. Formal action is on the cards but is this a misconduct or capability issue? More...


Dealing with a messy relationship breakup

An employee has recently gone through a messy relationship breakup. Unfortunately, it’s affecting their work and starting to disrupt the team. You’re sympathetic but need them to get a grip. What’s the best way to handle it? More...


What’s the biggest waste of your time?

political opinions

The unexpected general election

Because of the issues at stake, the snap general election is likely to provoke strong political views. How can you ensure that they don’t cause upset in your workplace? More...


Employees not consulting on work romance


Clamping down on unauthorised cashback

If staff order supplies online or make Internet bookings for business purposes, there’s a risk they could be taking advantage of so-called cashback websites at your expense. How can you prevent this? More...
Last updated: 22.10.2019

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