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Workplace parties, alcohol and accidents

An employee was seriously injured at a work party after a drunken attendee tried to lift her up. She claimed that the employer was liable for her injuries, but the High Court disagreed. Why was this? More...


Alcohol-related performance problems

An employee’s work is suffering and there’s strong evidence which suggests they’ve developed a drink-related problem. Can you insist that they seek professional help for it and, if they refuse, can you take disciplinary action? More...


Substance misuse assistance

Public Health England (PHE) has released a new toolkit to help employers deal with workplace drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse issues. Is it worth a look? More...


Q&A - working under the influence of alcohol


Can you ban alcohol at lunchtimes?

Apparently, employees at Lloyd’s of London are up in arms because they’ve been banned from drinking alcohol at lunchtimes. As breaks are classed as private time, is a rule like this enforceable? More...


Can you dismiss just because they smell of alcohol?

An employee has turned up to work smelling pretty bad and it’s obvious that it’s alcohol. Can you sack them simply because they reek of it or would a dismissal for this reason be inviting trouble? More...


Can you dismiss an alcoholic?

Apparently, 57% of employees regularly drink excessive amounts of alcohol. What if you discover that one of your own members of staff has a serious drink problem. Would this be sufficient grounds to dismiss them? More...


Fingerprinting staff for alcohol

Employers are being offered a new testing device which can tell if an employee has alcohol in their system from their fingerprints. Should you introduce it into your workplace or steer well clear? More...


Alcohol misuse loses 17 million days’ productivity

Apparently, 12.6 million of us regularly exceed government guidelines on safe alcohol consumption. This loses employers up to 17 million working days each year. But are you obliged to have an alcohol policy? More...


P*ssed (off) worker wins unfair dismissal case

An employee who was dismissed for drinking a single pint of lager shandy has just had his unfair dismissal claim upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. So what did the employer involved do wrong here? More...
Last updated: 22.10.2019

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