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The May bank holiday and part timers

In 2020 the first May bank holiday has been moved to Friday 8 May. This is a one-off change. If a part-time employee doesn’t usually work on Fridays, must you give them a day’s holiday in lieu of this bank holiday? More...


Extra pay for bank holiday working?

In April and May 2019 there are four bank holidays. If an employee who isn’t usually required to work on bank holidays does so on one or more of these days, are they entitled to extra pay? More...


Holidays: don’t bank on it!

Due to the way the bank holidays fall in April and May 2017, many employees will be able to take 18 consecutive days off work using nine days’ holiday. If this doesn’t suit you, can you say “no”? More...


A last-minute Christmas to New Year shutdown

Because of the way the dates fall, it’s been suggested that you close between Christmas and New Year. If an employee doesn’t have enough annual leave to cover this period, can you force them to take the time off unpaid? More...


Q&A - bank holidays and enhanced pay rates?


Due to work a bank holiday but called in sick

There are a couple of bank holidays in May. If you have employees who are expected to work on these days, you may well receive a telephone call saying “I’m sick today”. How should you deal with this? More...


June 4 and 5 - employee rights

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, June 4 and 5 are bank holidays. Many employees have assumed they are automatically entitled to take both days off - but that’s not necessarily the case. What’s the legal position? More...


Bank holidays to be scrapped?

Apparently, the government is “seriously thinking” of scrapping all bank holidays to help employers and boost the economy. Would it really go that far? More...


The “extra” bank holiday: start planning now!

This year, to mark the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the late May Bank Holiday will move to Monday June 4. In addition, Tuesday June 5 is a “celebratory” bank holiday. But why should you start planning for this now? More...


Q&A - 2012: there are two new bank holidays?

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