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Keeping a lid on workplace germs this winter

The autumn and winter months coincide with the cold and ‘flu season. What hygiene rules can you introduce to stop germs and sickness absence from spreading through your workplace? More...


£9,000 award for botched absence investigation

When the Metropolitan Police discovered an officer had gone on holiday to Barbados whilst off sick, it launched a disciplinary investigation. However, one fatal error cost it £9,000 in damages. What do you need to know? More...


Fit for Work’s new webinars


Q&A - Fit for Work - consent in advance


Fit for Work: how many referrals can you make?

Under the new Fit for Work (FfW) service you can refer an employee for a free occupational health assessment after four weeks’ continuous sickness absence. Is there any limit on how many referrals you can make in total? More...


Digital sickness absence reporting - stop it!

Unfortunately, some employees think that it’s perfectly acceptable to report sickness absence by e-mail, text message or even via social media. How can you stop this type of behaviour in your workplace? More...


Signed off sick = no contact?

One of your employees has just been signed off sick by their GP. A colleague claims that as they are considered to be unfit for work you can’t make any attempt to contact them. Is this really true? More...


Unfairly dismissed for two years’ sickness absence

In a recent case an employee who had been off sick for nearly two years was sacked due to his ongoing incapacity. However, despite his long-term absence, the dismissal was found to be unfair. Where did the employer go wrong? More...


Must they tell you if they’ve been signed-off work?

Whilst some employees will do anything to get signed-off work by their GP, others are reluctant to reveal that this has happened (usually because of financial worries). Do you have the right to be told? More...


I’m sick today, but I could work from home

Let’s suppose that an employee has telephoned in saying they feel a bit under the weather. However, rather than going off sick, they’re offering to work from home which would mean they still get full pay. Do you have to say “yes”? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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