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Redundancy during long-term sick leave

An employee who is absent on long-term sick leave has been provisionally selected for redundancy. Can you make this particular employee redundant or is he untouchable? More...


Redundancy: must you accept volunteers?

In a recent case the employer ignored an employee who had volunteered for redundancy and made another person compulsorily redundant instead. Its decision was ruled to be unfair. Does that mean you must always accept volunteers? More...


Q&A - consultation rules: what’s happening?


New ACAS advice on redundancy handling


Must you consult if redundancies are inevitable?

Where an employer proposes to make 20 or more employees redundant, it is required to enter into collective consultation. But assuming this outcome is “inevitable”, could that process be ignored on the grounds it is pointless? More...


What’s the new redundancy rage?

No one likes being made redundant. But some employees have taken it so badly they’ve turned on their employers. Why is this? More...


Approaching reluctant employees

You’ve come up with some ideas to cut costs via flexible working. If you get enough volunteers you should avoid the need to make redundancies. So how should you deal with those employees who are against your proposals? More...


A way around the consultation rules?

You’re probably aware that if you plan to make more than 20 positions redundant, you have to follow a statutory consultation procedure. But what if staff volunteer? Will you still be caught by the rules? More...


£55,000 penalty for failure to consult


What’s a fair procedure?

Implementing a redundancy programme is complex and a fair procedure must always be followed. What’s the extent of your duty to give information to the employee during the consultation procedure? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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