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Can you impose a lay-off automatically?

If you experience a downturn in work, you might want to lay off one or more employees. This is where you tell them not to come into work for at least one working day. Sounds good, but can you do this automatically? More...


Pay cuts to avoid redundancies

Sometimes it will be possible to avoid redundancies by implementing a pay reduction. However, you can’t simply impose a pay cut on your employees - you must have their express consent first. How can this be obtained? More...


Can you cut (statutory) redundancy pay?

It was recently reported that the insurance giant, Aviva, will be paying affected staff “two weeks’ pay only” in its next round of redundancies. So do employers have the right to reduce redundancy payments? More...


A reduction in hours = a redundancy situation

In a recent case, the employer had suffered a severe drop in work but still required the same number of staff to carry it out. One employee claimed that this was a redundancy situation. Did the Employment Appeal Tribunal agree? More...


Temporary pay cuts and redundancy pay


A new alternative to redundancy?

The CBI has put forward an idea for a new scheme which it says will help employers avoid redundancies for very little cost. So what does it involve and are you going to be able to take advantage of it anytime soon? More...


Laying off - an alternative to redundancy?

Unfortunately, the current economic downturn means that you may not need as many staff as before. But do you have to make employees redundant, or could there be a more temporary solution? More...


Avoiding an extra payment

A subscriber’s business has to make redundancies. When they were necessary in the past, they always offered employees enhanced payments. Are they contractually obliged to pay extra this time too? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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