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A conversation with the current postholder

You’ve seen a job ad which offered all interested candidates “an informal chat with the current postholder”. Is this suggestion legal and should you offer the same possibility when you next have a job vacancy? More...


Q&A - job ads and minimum experience


Job ads: keeping things British

Several employers have been referred to the Government Equalities Office after they posted job ads specifying “no EU nationals” or “British workers only”. Why is this wrong? More...


Can we insist on a full driving licence?

You’re about to advertise a new job role and it would be really helpful if the post holder could drive. Is it okay to state that “all applicants must hold a full driving licence” or could such wording be discriminatory? More...


Avoiding discriminatory job ads


Flooded with job applications

You need to advertise a job vacancy and suspect that it will attract a large number of applications. However, you don’t want to spend ages trawling through each one unless you absolutely have to. So what’s the answer? More...


Job ads and flexible working

According to research, only 6% of job ads mention that the employer offers flexible working. This suggests that the other 94% are doing something wrong. Must flexible working actually be referred to in job ads? More...


Jobs with “genuine occupational requirements”

As a general rule, employers can’t aim job ads at a particular group - they must be open to everyone. However, this rule doesn’t apply where a role has a “genuine occupational requirement”. Where might this arise? More...


Responding to speculative CVs

Employers often receive CVs that have been sent in on a speculative basis, either by a recruitment agency or a job seeker. How can you reject unsolicited applications safely? More...


Must a job vacancy be advertised?

A public row erupted recently when it emerged that a number of independent police and crime commissioners have handed out highly-paid jobs to friends. Morals to one side, it begs the question: must a job vacancy be advertised? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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