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Recruiting with personal statements

Some employers are now insisting that job applicants submit personal statements for vacancies rather than application forms or CVs. What are these statements and are they a legally safe way to recruit? More...


Q&A - can we ask for age or date of birth?


The “name blind” recruitment drive

The government says it’s backing name blind recruitment as too many job applicants are rejected on their names alone. So will you soon have to hire from a pool of anonymous candidates? More...


Job applicants: do you know anyone here?

When a person applies for a job in your business you are perfectly entitled to ask them whether they know or are related to any of your employees. Why is it sensible to ask these two questions? More...


Q&A - Dear Mx...?


CVs: 63% contain a major lie

Research has revealed that 63% of CVs contain at least one major discrepancy and a third of all inaccuracies relate to employment history. But who is most likely to tell you porky pies? More...


Recruitment: general health enquiries

Many job applicants believe that employers can’t ask them any health-related questions prior to employment. However, while there are restrictions, the subject isn’t totally off limits. So what can you ask? More...


Fabricated experience, education and qualifications

A top lawyer who held numerous posts was recently found to have fabricated his entire education and qualifications. How can you avoid falling victim to liars and cheats during your recruitment process? More...


Safe sift of your shortlist

When Costa Coffee advertised eight new jobs, it received over 1,700 applications. How can you sift the “undesirables” without risking a discrimination claim? More...


Anonymous job applications?

To help stamp out discrimination, the government wants employers to accept job applications on an anonymous basis. Is there a new law on the cards? More...
Last updated: 17.07.2019

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