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Resigned but still entitled to a £14,000 bonus

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who resigned before his employer awarded annual bonus payments was still entitled to receive a bonus of £14,000. Where did this employer go wrong? More...


Death of an employee: what happens with pay?

It’s an unfortunate scenario but let’s imagine that an employee has passed away - perhaps unexpectedly or after a long illness. What happens to their pay and other entitlements in this situation? More...


Annual bonuses: can they sue?

It’s been reported that many employees plan to sue their employers if they don’t get an annual bonus this year. Is this type of payment an automatic right? More...


Women get 80% less in bonuses


Involve staff in cost-cutting measures

In these tough economic times you’re probably looking to reduce unnecessary expenditure. But not involving your staff in this process could mean you’re missing out. How can they help you with this important issue? More...


Justifying low bonus payments

The payment of discretionary bonuses is a touchy subject with employees quick to claim if they’re unhappy with the amount. Following a new case, what must you do in order to show that any payment (or non-payment) is a just decision? More...


Suspension - what’s the latest?


Adding conditions to payment

It’s not uncommon to operate an ad hoc bonus system. Probably you apply some conditions to the payment of such a bonus, e.g. the need to remain in employment. Following a recent case, when is it safe to withhold payment? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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