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Trivial benefits are not so trivial

Apparently, 83% of smaller employers would like to reward their employees regularly but feel that it’s too costly in terms of potential tax and NI contributions. Could “trivial benefits” be the answer? More...


Salary sacrifice: benefits removed

From 6 April 2017 the income tax and employers’ NI advantages that currently apply to salary sacrifice schemes will be limited, but which benefits in kind (BiKs) won’t be affected? More...


BiKs to lose tax advantages?

If HMRC gets its way, the tax advantages for many benefits in kind (BiKs) will be scrapped from April 2017. What is it planning? More...


Q&A - cutting free perks to offset the NLW


Stopping income protection for older workers

Some employers provide their staff with income protection (permanent health insurance). Can this benefit be stopped when an older employee reaches a particular age or must it continue until they leave? More...


Maternity leave and contractual benefits

A female employee will soon be going on maternity leave. During that period what happens to her contractual benefits? Must you continue to honour them or can they be stopped while she is away? More...


Should you consider dental cover?

An employee struggled to obtain NHS dental treatment and, as a result, was off work for a week. It’s now been suggested that dental cover should be provided as a staff benefit. Is this something you should consider? More...


The most valued employee benefits


Q&A - a BiK of a Christmas party!


Pensions duties between now and auto-enrolment

Employers will be obliged to comply with the strict rules relating to pensions auto-enrolment from their own staging dates. But what are you legally required to do about workplace stakeholder pensions until then? More...
Last updated: 12.12.2018

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