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Job shares and their contracts

Sometimes, two part-time employees will carry out one full-time post between them under a job-share arrangement. In this situation what issues should you always cover in their employment contracts? More...


Saving tax with part-time staff

Did you know that hiring more part-time staff might actually cut your National Insurance (NI) bill whilst introducing greater flexibility? How might the savings stack up and what could be the pitfalls? More...


Sharing contractual protection

Two of your employees have asked for your permission to enter into a job sharing arrangement. Whilst you’re happy to agree in principle, you want to get the contractual side tightened up first. What are the key areas? More...


Needing a replacement

One of your job sharing employees has resigned and you’re not having much luck in replacing her. The other sharer doesn’t want to go full-time due to child care commitments. So what are your options? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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