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An important lesson in unfair dismissal

The tribunal has ruled that a former Oxford University employee - who was sacked over twelve allegations of gross misconduct - was unfairly dismissed. Where did this particular employer go wrong? More...


Several acts of misconduct: is that gross?

An employee has committed a few acts of misconduct in close succession. Individually, they only warrant a written warning. Can you add them all up and allege this is actually a matter of gross misconduct? More...


Making unnecessary enquiries is victimisation

A female police officer, who had made an allegation of sex discrimination to her bosses at Northamptonshire Police, has just won her claim for victimisation in the tribunal. Where did this employer go wrong? More...


Lacking proof of guilt

You’ve clear evidence that an employee has done something wrong, e.g. misappropriated some stock. However, you don’t have proof that one particular member of staff is guilty. What can you do? More...


Drunk and dismissed?

If you receive a complaint that an employee smells of alcohol, you may be tempted to sack them on the spot. But would this be such a wise move? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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