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Gross misconduct and instant dismissal

In April 2015 there were reports about a farm worker who had been sacked on the spot after he was photographed urinating near crops. Can an employee really be dismissed instantly? More...


Sex at work out of hours: is it gross misconduct?

In a recent case the employee claimed unfair dismissal after he was sacked for engaging in sexual activities outside of hours but on work premises. Was his behaviour gross misconduct or not? More...


Gross misconduct: does it always justify dismissal?

Let’s suppose that, following a fair and thorough disciplinary investigation and hearing, you’ve found an employee guilty of gross misconduct. Does this finding automatically justify their summary dismissal? More...


£59,000 and a slice of humble pie

In a recent case an employee was dismissed for failing to follow a management instruction. However, the tribunal felt that this decision was unfair and awarded him £59,315. What did the employer do wrong? More...


Dismissal due to misconduct in a previous job

A dismissal usually involves an employee’s misconduct in their current job. But suppose an element of their work history came back to haunt them. Could this ever give you grounds to terminate their employment? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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